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Read what others have been saying about B. Organized! Inside the articles are Nicole’s helpful organizing tips, and details about her experiences as a professional organizer.

How to Move Clothes on Hangers – for Simplified House Moves and Quick Trip Packing

Homes and Gardens article Nicole Gabai The Art of Organizing bookHomes and Gardens
by Chiana Dickson

Whether you are moving house, or packing for a longer trip, keeping your clothes on their hangers can make shifting your wardrobe a little simpler – and makes unpacking a breeze. A common clothes storage mistake is not using hangers strong enough for the garments you own – but picking out sturdy hangers is particularly important when it comes to moving to prevent them from sagging and snapping, points out Nicole Gabai, a professional organizer at B.Organized. Read more on Homes & Gardens >

How Often Should You Replace Your Food Storage Containers?

Southern Living article Nicole Gabai Art of Organizing bookSouthern Living
by Taylor Tobin

The meal prep trend encourages home cooks to get smart about how they store their ingredients and leftovers, which requires a healthy supply of food storage containers.

“Glass is the most durable and has the greatest longevity, and it’s 100% recyclable. Because of this, glass containers are the best selection for the environment, and they won’t end up in a landfill. Since glass is inert, it needs no chemical layer between it and your food when storing, so it doesn’t affect the taste of any food,” explains Nicole Gabai, a professional organizer and the author of The Art of Organizing, an Artful Guide to An Organized Life. Read more on Southern Living >

Garages & Basements: Not just for cars and cobwebs anymore

The Enterprise
by Susan Shalhoub

Photos in home magazines show garages that you could easily mistake for kitchens. They have sleek rubber flooring, sports equipment neatly corralled, elaborate potting benches and sparkling stainless steel work counters…But the reality is, most us us don’t go that fancy. Most of us would be thrilled to reduce clutter and store what’s there with a system that makes things easy to find. Read more >

Style File: Shopping in your own closet

Cape Cod Times
by Candace Hammond

We’ve all been there, that moment when we stand in our closet pawing through our clothes and utter those words, “I have nothing to wear!” We may feel that way, but rarely is it true. Read more >

Anyone Can Become Organized With The Help Of A Good Coach

The Enterprise
by Laura M. Reckford

I have spent years trying to explain to friends and family that what looks like disorganization and chaos is actually a sign of creativity. I know where everything is. Really. So when I heard about Nicole Gabai of B. Organized, a professional organizer, I went through the equivalent of the five stages of grief. Read more >

Don’t Let Clutter Compound Your Move

Home and Garden Magazine
A publication of The Enterprise
by Jeannie Cafarelli

It had never occurred to me how much “stuff” a person could accumulate over a lifetime, until it hit home. At age 69, my mother found herself living alone in a large colonial homestead (a.k.a. “the homestead”) after my Dad passed away…I’m convinced that a trained professional is a logical choice when family emotions may get in the way. Read more >

Before & After: During the carefree days of summer, make your home a peaceful space

Cape Cod & Islands Home
by Kirsten Halvorsen Stahl

“Summer is a time for relaxation and wide-open spaces, indoors as well as out.  Enjoying your home, while the breeze drifts through the open windows or the evening light fills the house, should be one of the season’s simple pleasures — unless bills are piled high on the counter, newspapers and magazines are stacked on the living room floor, and the desk is overflowing with mail. Read more >

New Member Spotlight – B. Organized


Meticulously dressed from head to toe, one would imagine that Nicole Gabai has her life perfectly organized and together – boy, does she ever! Owner of B. Organized, Nicole is a hands-on professional organizing consultant dedicated to helping people who want to improve their living and working spaces. Originally hailing from New York with a ten year background in TV production, and a fashion degree from Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Nicole has spent a lot of her time designing, organizing paper work and creating time-managed schedules. Read more >

Clutter stressing you out?

Being organized allows you to spend more time doing the things you want to do while enjoying efficient systems so you can work productively.

B. Organized helps relieve stress and anxiety so you can find what you need when you need it!

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