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Got Clutter? Get Organized! podcastPodcast: Got Clutter? Get Organized! with Janet

Whether you’re a creative seeking to harmonize your artistic endeavors with a clutter-free lifestyle or simply looking for inspiration to infuse creativity into your organization, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in and unlock the secrets to becoming an artfully organized individual!

In this exciting episode of “Got Clutter? Get Organized!”, we explore the intersection of creativity and organization with our special guest, Nicole Gabai, the author of the inspiring book, The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life. Join us as we dive deep into the world of artistic organization and discover strategies to unleash your creativity while maintaining an organized lifestyle.
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Anyone Can Become Organized With The Help Of A Good Coach


The Enterprise
by Laura M. Reckford

I have spent years trying to explain to friends and family that what looks like disorganization and chaos is actually a sign of creativity. I know where everything is. Really. So when I heard about Nicole Gabai of B. Organized, a professional organizer, I went through the equivalent of the five stages of grief. Read more >

Anyone Can Become Organized With The Help Of A Good Coach2024-01-22T13:21:46-05:00

Before & After: During the carefree days of summer, make your home a peaceful space


Cape Cod & Islands Home
by Kirsten Halvorsen Stahl

“Summer is a time for relaxation and wide-open spaces, indoors as well as out.  Enjoying your home, while the breeze drifts through the open windows or the evening light fills the house, should be one of the season’s simple pleasures — unless bills are piled high on the counter, newspapers and magazines are stacked on the living room floor, and the desk is overflowing with mail. Read more >

Before & After: During the carefree days of summer, make your home a peaceful space2024-01-22T13:22:31-05:00

When It’s Hard to Discard, It Just Might Be Time to Call in the Professionals



A publication of the Cape Cod Times
by Amy Dufault

It’s hard to know when the need to organize actually dawns on you as necessary. Some credit it to the itch from a spring like day in late winter, others to tax preparation fall-out and a small few to that sense of blocked energy, that feng shui disaster festering behind a tidy painted closet door. Read more >
When It’s Hard to Discard, It Just Might Be Time to Call in the Professionals2024-01-22T13:45:17-05:00

Organization Maestro to the Rescue


Parent Guide

Finally, a personalized service run by a woman with the enthusiasm and expertise to unclutter even the most cluttered lifestyle. A multitasking queen who had her hand in everything from production to set decoration during her ten-year career in television, Nicole Gabai offers time management solutions, including customized filing fixes, to nix Moms' organization problems. Read more >
Organization Maestro to the Rescue2024-01-22T13:24:54-05:00

Radio Interview Transcript with Mark Garner WXTK FM Radio


The Century 21 Real Estate Show
Mark Garner's Interview with Nicole Gabai

Mark: How did you get the idea to start a business as an organizer?

Nicole: My background is in TV production, where I worked for 10 years as a producer and production manager. I gained a lot of organizational skills and experience organizing shoots and TV shows having worked at MTV, Nickelodeon, the Orlando film commission and then at a commercial TV production company. About 7 years ago I wanted to start my own business in something that had flexible hours and also where I could use my skills and expertise. So it really was a natural evolution, I started by organizing the office of a couple of people I knew and I realized this could be a profitable business. Read more >

Radio Interview Transcript with Mark Garner WXTK FM Radio2024-01-19T15:42:42-05:00

There’s More To Organizing Than Meets The Eye


By Nicole Gabai
Published in Coastlines

“In business, time is money. No doubt about it. And for many of us, how we organize our day directly affects our family, friends, and those we share time with on the job. But being organized is more than putting all your pencils in a mug, all your paper clips in a bowl or labels on shelves and boxes, it’s much more.” Read more >

There’s More To Organizing Than Meets The Eye2024-01-22T13:25:17-05:00



Portability article about organizing

By Nicole Gabai
Published in Cape Cod Parent and Child

Do you tend to collect “little papers” throughout the day? (and who doesn’t?) Did you get the phone number for a great plumber and just don’t remember where you wrote it? I have created a solution that has worked for me for the last 17 years... It’s called “portability.” Read more >

Putting Your Home In Order for the Holidays


By Nicole Gabai
Published in Cape Cod Parent and Child

It's December, do you know where your jingle bells are?

Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner? When I said that to my 5 year old nephew Gabriel, in the car the other day, he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard! He thought when I made a left turn, there would be Santa and his reindeer, a big tree and falling snow. Well, it almost feels that way. Read more >
Putting Your Home In Order for the Holidays2024-01-22T13:26:02-05:00

Putting the Bathroom in Order


By Nicole Gabai
Published in Cape Cod Parent and Child

Guess what’s one of the busiest rooms in the house, as well as one of the most crowded per square inch? THE BATHROOM! Is yours in order? Even for all the people who share it with you? Do you know where your tweezers are? How about your favorite missing comb? After spending a little time using the following tips, your bathroom will feel squeaky-clean and luxuriously orderly. Read more >
Putting the Bathroom in Order2024-01-22T13:26:29-05:00
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