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Read what others have been saying about B. Organized! Inside the articles are Nicole’s helpful organizing tips, and details about her experiences as a professional organizer.

22 Smart and Simple Pantry Organization Ideas

article 22 smart and simple pantry organization
By Perri Ormont Blumberg

Take the heart of your kitchen from chaos to calm. Deep breaths: It’s time to clean your pantry. We promise the process isn’t as stressful as you think. It may even be – dare we say it – fun.

Get everything off the floor. “This helps to avoid tripping,” says Nicole Gabai, a certified professional virtual organizer. Store spices in a drawer. No more spices scattered across a random shelf. “Most spices are too small and easy to lose in a pantry space,” says Bloomer. “I always recommend storing spices either in a drawer or a Lazy Susan, near a cooktop or stove so they are easy to access and use before their expiration date.” Read more on >

The Creative’s Guide to Artful Organization

Got Clutter? Get Organized! podcastPodcast: Got Clutter? Get Organized! with Janet

Whether you’re a creative seeking to harmonize your artistic endeavors with a clutter-free lifestyle or simply looking for inspiration to infuse creativity into your organization, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in and unlock the secrets to becoming an artfully organized individual!

In this exciting episode of “Got Clutter? Get Organized!”, we explore the intersection of creativity and organization with our special guest, Nicole Gabai, the author of the inspiring book, The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life. Join us as we dive deep into the world of artistic organization and discover strategies to unleash your creativity while maintaining an organized lifestyle.
Watch the Got Clutter? Get Organized! podcast on YouTube >
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7 Aesthetic and Functional Tips For Organizing A Bathroom Closet

article Forbes Home organizing bathroom closetForbes Home
By Nichole Talbot

Home organization is important, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Where to start? How to start? Experts recommend focusing on one project at a time, and tidying up a bathroom closet is an ideal bite-sized project with immediate benefits.

If you have deep shelves, be careful about lining up too many items. “When organizing your items in the closet, remember to keep everything toward the front of the shelf to avoid waste and avoid losing items in the back,” says Certified Virtual Organizing Professional Nicole Gabai.  Read more on Forbes Home >

Nicole Gabai Puts Organizational Methods Into New Book

enterprise article book organizational methodsFalmouth Enterprise
By Joanne Briana-Gartner

Professional organizer and Falmouth resident Nicole Gabai has written a book based on the organizing methods she has developed over time. “The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life” is written in a clear voice and presents methods of organization that do not seem overwhelming.

An artist as well as a professional organizer, Ms. Gabai illustrated her book with colorful sketches of tidy closets, garages, filing systems and bookshelves. Even the book’s endpapers are uniquely designed using collage work by the author. Read full article >

The Tension Rod Shelf Secret — and 8 Other Genius Ways To Organize a Small Pantry

Article Woman's World small pantryWoman’s World
By Shay Trotter

The pantry, especially when full, is easily one of the most challenging spots in the home to keep organized. Create zones using this simple system: as part of The Gabai Principles that Nicole Gabai, founder of B. Organized and author of The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life, created, she suggests prioritizing frequently used items and keeping them in Zone 1, the most accessible area. Then items you don’t use as often should go into zones 2 or 3. “So, in a pantry, place the most-used items at eye level with the less frequently used zone 2 items higher up,” she explains. Deep pull-out shelves are helpful for sorting items, but when that’s not possible, Gabai suggests opting for side-by-size open boxes to create categories of food. Read more on Woman’s World >

10 Closet Organization Mistakes to Avoid, According to Experts

article Martha Stewart organizing closetsMartha Stewart
By Lauren Wellbank

A well-organized closet is beneficial in many ways. Your closet should be divided into different sections and zones, according to Nicole Gabai, a professional organizer, founder of B. Organized, and the author of The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life.

“In sectional organizing, each room is divided into areas corresponding to a given activity,” she says. In terms of your closet, that means grouping like items (like activewear or formal wear) together so that you can more easily choose from your collection when it’s time to get dressed. Gabai says it’s important to prioritize the things you use often, putting them in the most easy-to-access place. That means if you spend your week wearing business casual, those items should be front and center, and your less frequently used items should get pushed to the back.  Read more on Martha Stewart >

Make Moving Easier through the Art of Organizing

Podcast interview Home Where You BelongPodcast: Home Where You Belong

Seasoned professional organizer Nicole Gabai shares tips for better managing the stress and chaos of moving. With over two decades of experience and a best-selling book, The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life, Nicole honed her skills working with diverse clients, from parents to professionals in various fields. Join us as we explore her insights and practical tips for simplifying the daunting process of moving, making it a smoother transition towards a happier and more organized life. Listen to the Home Where You Belong podcast >

Mastering Office Organization for 4th Quarter Productivity

podcast Got Clutter? Get Organized!Podcast: Got Clutter? Get Organized! with Janet

Welcome to an enlightening episode of Got Clutter? Get Organized!, where we extend a warm welcome to the esteemed Nicole Gabai – a seasoned professional organizer enriched with over two decades of expertise. Nicole’s captivating journey and the propelling forces that have vaulted her to revered status in the realm of organization assume the spotlight.

Venturing deep into the intricacies of office organization, Nicole adeptly exposes the common stumbling blocks and pitfalls that individuals encounter when endeavoring to conquer the chaos of their workspace. Armed with a treasury of insights, she imparts invaluable counsel on sidestepping these missteps, cultivating an office environment that marries orderliness and inspiration, thus amplifying operational efficiency. Listen to the Got Clutter? Get Organized! podcast >

10 Amazon Products Under $40 That Professional Organizers Always Buy

Article The Spruce Amazon organizing toolsThe Spruce
By Heather Bien

Sometimes you just need a quick fix to feel like you have your home and your life together, and that’s when easy organization buys from Amazon are just the answer. These are the items you can pick up for a quick weekend project, and there’s usually little to no assembly required. Don’t relegate your bookends only to a bookcase. These handy organization tools have uses outside of corralling books…”Bookends are a game changer. Stack t-shirts neatly next to workout pants. No tipping over when you pull on out! They all stay in place when you want to remove one,” says Nicole Gabai, author of The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life.  Read more on The Spruce >

Everything You Know About Packing a Moving Box Is Wrong

article about moving on Apartment TherapyApartment Therapy
By Jennifer Billock

Everyone has seen lists of what not to do when packing for a move in general. But what about packing individual boxes? You can make so many mistakes when packing each specific box, whether it’s for books, shoes, fragile items, or something else.

Cardboard boxes are the most-used moving box, but they’re not always the best. “One mistake people make when packing is using a regular cardboard box for a box that won’t get opened for a while,” says Nicole Gabai, founder of B. Organized. “If your box has something fabric in it, and it will be going in the garage for a while, don’t use a cardboard box.” Read more on Apartment Therapy >

Podcast: Mindfulness Mode with Bruce Langford

Podcast Mindfulness ModePodcast: Mindfulness Mode with Bruce Langford

Bruce and Nicole discuss emotions, meditation and self-acceptance. Nicole Gabai is the author of the best-selling book, The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life. Nicole’s unique 6-step organizing system, The Gabai Principles, helps people move from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or afraid of change to feeling happier and more productive so they can move on with their life! Listen to the Mindfulness Mode podcast >

How To Fold Pants To Save Space

article folding jeans first for womenFirst for Women
By Abbey Bender

Nicole Gabai, the founder of B. Organized, a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals and the author of The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life is a big fan of drawer dividers. “They can make a huge difference,” she enthuses. She recommends the OXO Good Grips Expandable Dresser Drawer Divider. “These handy dividers spring-load to create two or three sections in your drawer,” she says, which provides a compact area for your folded pants to sit and allows you to find them easily, which means no more digging through your drawer’s depths! Read more on First for Women >

Clutter stressing you out?

Being organized allows you to spend more time doing the things you want to do while enjoying efficient systems so you can work productively.

B. Organized helps relieve stress and anxiety so you can find what you need when you need it!

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