Title Office Organizing

Get your work space in shape!

B. Organized helps you create an efficient workflow with custom organization to accommodate your individual needs.

Office Organization

When it comes to setting up your files, I help you create a logical and intuitive system that works for you. You’ll end up with a detailed index, beautiful files and the confidence of knowing where all of your papers live. Your office will be equipped with the most functional and attractive tools for maximum flow-through of information.  No more piles, no more bags of papers – just a clean, neat and practical work space.


organizing files

Improve Your Life

Relieve stress and anxiety so you can find what you need when you need it! Being organized allows you to spend more time doing the things you want to do while enjoying efficient systems so you can work productively.

  • Filing systems
  • Space planning
  • Offices
  • Home offices
  • Paperwork
  • Desk management

  • Time management

“The process is terrific because of the questions you ask at the initial meeting and throughout…”

“…they cause me to evaluate how I do things, how I look at a situation, and help me determine the most efficient way to do things.

I have learned a lot from you in the process that has caused me to be more organized. It has energized me! It’s amazing! For someone like me, a sole proprietor, organization and efficiency is so important. What we’ve done so far has given me a sense of being in control of my business, my space and my office. Lawyers deal with tons of paper and now I feel like I’m in control of the FLOW of paper and it’s been fun!

I am surprised that the process has been educational for me. I evaluate things in a totally different way than I did before. It has changed the way I think because of how you approach paper and space. I think it’s wonderful on many different levels! Thank you.”
K.P.R., Attorney, Falmouth, MA

Hiring Nicole to help me organize my work has made a huge difference in the way I work. I have so many things coming at me from many different places, and one of the most challenging jobs I have is to be able to retrieve information quickly. Nicole gave me a system for doing this, and it has made me more efficient. I have hired her again to organize my office workroom where it is necessary to be able to find what we need in order to give our clients the best value. I would suggest for anyone to have Nicole come to the home and office, and get fully organized. It not only saves time, but makes you feel so relaxed.

M.H., Business Owner, Osterville, MA

I was totally overwhelmed before I met you. I couldn’t find anything. I had 3 years of papers and never opened mail. My mom was ill and I didn’t do anything. All I did was pile things in bags and rent storage rooms.

You were so hands-on and detail-oriented, nothing got away from us and everything found its place. Whether it was files, boxes or trash. Plus I learned how to stay organized from you. Basically, I am a much more organized person. I learned how to be detail-oriented because of you.

When I went through my legal case, the lawyers were so impressed at how organized I was. I am less wasteful and much more productive!

T.S.K., Business Owner, New York City

Thanks for such a great first session yesterday – it was revolutionary!! I was a bit tired and my head was buzzing with it all – what we did and what needs to be done and what could be done! I wanted to report on great progress already! It all feels wonderful and possible that I can have a system that flows and that I can maintain.

As an example of how the work we accomplished has already paid off, I received a call from my son’s teacher asking for an address of one of his friends. They needed the address right then and there…AND I could go straight to the data entry file and RETRIEVE it – that felt good. I would not have been able to do that before our session!

So I wanted to say thank you for your time, effort and expertise in getting me started…can’t wait for the next steps.

S.P., Director of Fundraising, Woods Hole, MA