The Creative’s Guide to Artful Organization


Got Clutter? Get Organized! podcastPodcast: Got Clutter? Get Organized! with Janet

Whether you’re a creative seeking to harmonize your artistic endeavors with a clutter-free lifestyle or simply looking for inspiration to infuse creativity into your organization, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in and unlock the secrets to becoming an artfully organized individual!

In this exciting episode of “Got Clutter? Get Organized!”, we explore the intersection of creativity and organization with our special guest, Nicole Gabai, the author of the inspiring book, The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life. Join us as we dive deep into the world of artistic organization and discover strategies to unleash your creativity while maintaining an organized lifestyle.
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Mastering Office Organization for 4th Quarter Productivity


podcast Got Clutter? Get Organized!Podcast: Got Clutter? Get Organized! with Janet

Welcome to an enlightening episode of Got Clutter? Get Organized!, where we extend a warm welcome to the esteemed Nicole Gabai – a seasoned professional organizer enriched with over two decades of expertise. Nicole’s captivating journey and the propelling forces that have vaulted her to revered status in the realm of organization assume the spotlight.

Venturing deep into the intricacies of office organization, Nicole adeptly exposes the common stumbling blocks and pitfalls that individuals encounter when endeavoring to conquer the chaos of their workspace. Armed with a treasury of insights, she imparts invaluable counsel on sidestepping these missteps, cultivating an office environment that marries orderliness and inspiration, thus amplifying operational efficiency. Listen to the Got Clutter? Get Organized! podcast >

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7 Ways to Be More Productive in Your Home Office


article Best Life how to be more productive in your home officeBest Life
By Rebecca Strong

The percentage of Americans working from home more than tripled between 2019 and 2021 alone. It certainly has its perks—like skipping the commute and staying in your comfy clothes—but it can also have its pitfalls, too. Namely, it’s harder to be productive when working from home if your cat is climbing all over your desk, your spouse keeps barging into the room, or you spot some dishes in the sink that need to be washed.

Make sure all the tools you need to get your work done are within reaching distance. According to Nicole Gabai, founder of B. Organized, and the author of The Art of Organizing, this is one of the easiest ways to maintain productivity while working from home. Read more on Best Life >

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A Real Office Drama


Cape Cod Times
by Amanda Lehmert, Staff Writer

WOODS HOLE - Nicole Gabai is an affable cheerleader type. All perk and positive encouragement, the consultant came to the creatively disheveled office of the Woods Hole Film Festival ready to straighten up, clear out and most important - organize. Judy Laster, the film festival's executive director, needed another cup of coffee. Laster spends months prepping for a frenzied eight days every summer. The organization's office - a cramped spot above the Woods Hole Market on Water Street - was stuffed with festival merchandise, props, all manner of film production equipment and paper, paper, paper. Read more >
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