Title Custom Closets

Closets in disarray?

B. Organized helps design your closet to accommodate your individual needs.

Closet Organization

Do your closets need a make-over? Organizing solutions extend to all areas of your house, especially your closets. I help you set up the physical structure for your closets. Together we design your closet to accommodate your individual needs. If your sweaters and sweatshirts are tipping over and your shoes are in a heap, it’s time for a change!

Custom closet organization

Improve Your Life

Relieve stress and anxiety so you can find what you need when you need it! Being organized allows you to spend more time doing the things you want to do while enjoying efficient systems so you can work productively.

Organizing closets

Before & After photo of closet organization

Before & After: During the carefree days of summer, make your home a peaceful space
Cape Cod & Islands Home, Summer 2006
A publication of Cape Cod Life
by Kirsten Halvorsen Stahl
Before & After  Photography by Terry Pommett

“Gabai tackled the disorganization and clutter of this New Bedford closet with inexpensive organization tools such as file boxes turned on their sides, which act as handy compartments for folded items, and a shelf for shoes. Outfit selections are much easier now that work clothes hang to the left and casual garments to the right.”

  • Suggest organizational solutions such as tools and products to make it easier to stay organized

  • Offer design consultation for closet renovation

  • Organize entire closet and sort garments and accessories by season and usage

  • Handle ordering, receiving and any necessary returns of organizational tools needed

  • Organize children’s closets

  • Advise on and set up wardrobes among multiple homes

I also provide wardrobe consultation.

“Nicole really lifted me from discouragement, the sense of being overwhelmed and the fear of change into a happy and interesting journey, into an encouraging, hopeful and happy experience…”

“…The simple everyday things, I thought I could do alone, but I couldn’t. You removed the shame instantly because you understand people without criticism. You created a system to suit me. I felt I didn’t have to conform to someone else’s system.

You had the insight to catch on to what my life was about and created a system WITH me that worked for my life. It also helped me to clarify my thinking and the different parts of my life. My new system has helped me untangle the intricate weavings of all the different avenues of my life and how they interconnect and now I know how to file them accordingly.

I was able to make each of those areas functional. You helped me with my internal world as well. You are absolutely necessary! The fact that you come back at regular intervals keeps things at home and in my office from getting out of control. You have a real understanding about people and their lives. Thank you for making the process enjoyable – you actually made it fun!”
– K.W., Nurse/Educator, Cape Cod

The closet designs Nicole did for us in 2 of our homes are amazing! Nicole intuitively knows how to make the best use of space. She asked all the right questions to determine the most functional and beautiful closet designs. It makes getting dressed in the morning an absolute joy and makes putting things away so easy. Nicole was easy to work with and her product knowledge made the process very easy. We love our closets! I can’t thank you enough!
D.G., Falmouth, MA

The other place Nicole created miracles was in my home office. Her quick and accurate sense of my needs was amazing! She made the process pretty painless too–giving me precise resources so I could easily buy the right stuff to maximize the space in my storage closet (and integrating it with my existing items) and help me get the file area I desperately needed. She saw possibilities that I just couldn’t see. Having lived with this enhanced space for more than 6 months now, I can truly say it has helped expand my business and grow me into a more efficient, focused entrepreneur.

M.B., Certified Life Coach, Cape Cod

Nicole brings to her work an optimism and sense of purpose that is truly inspiring. The most intractable scenes of disarray seem to melt away before her. She is a godsend.

J. B., Architect, Cape Cod