The Century 21 Real Estate Show
Mark Garner’s Interview with Nicole Gabai

Mark: How did you get the idea to start a business as an organizer?

Nicole: My background is in TV production, where I worked for 10 years as a producer and production manager. I gained a lot of organizational skills and experience organizing shoots and TV shows having worked at MTV, Nickelodeon, the Orlando film commission and then at a commercial TV production company.  About 7 years ago I wanted to start my own business in something that had flexible hours and also where I could use my skills and expertise. So it really was a natural evolution, I started by organizing the office of a couple of people I knew and I realized this could be a profitable business.

Mark: How long have you been in business?

Nicole: I have had my own business, B. Organized for 7 years which was very successful based in NYC. And since October of 2005, I am now based in Falmouth. I am an artist, so now in addition to my organizing business, I also take time for my oil painting.

Mark: What types of clients would use your services?

Nicole: Usually very busy, discerning and overwhelmed customers. Often I work with clients who have multiple homes and travel regularly, people who have active professional or social lives. Also people who have a lot of stuff that needs to be sorted or a lot of paper that needs a system. I also work with clients who love clothes since I organize closets too!

I have a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and I help clients sort through their clothes and basically edit what they have. You know, sort out what looks good, what’s in style or not. What looks good on and put outfits together prepare them to go shopping for more clothes!

I go where my clients are – I have traveled all over the country and in Peru and Mexico to work with clients.

Mark: What do you do for clients?

Nicole: Well, basically I help people make order out of chaos. I really listen to my clients and what their needs are to create intuitive and practical solutions customized for each individual. I organize homes and offices as well as I handle moves and relocations. When it comes to preparing for a move – I work with the moving company to supervise and manage the move through the whole process, as well as the actual move day.

I help people anticipate their needs for re-modeling jobs, or for a move or relocation. To help them plan for the physical move. I help people make these transitions in their lives as effortless as possible.

Mark: Do you work with people who have home-based businesses?

Nicole: Yes, I help them set up the business as well as prepare them for moving the business when there is a move involved.

Mark: Do you work alone or do you have other organizers that assist you?

Nicole: Well, no job is too big or too small – depends on the job – I have assistants if I need to bring someone in.

Mark: What’s the most challenging situation you’ve had to work with?

Nicole: I recently had a client that moved from Vermont to NYC – she never even had to show up move day.

Mark: What do you enjoy most about being a professional organizer?

Nicole: I love my clients – I really love working with people and I make it fun! For me it’s really like doing a puzzle and my clients enjoy the process too. I love learning about people’s lives and careers. I feel it’s a privilege to be a part of their process and I use the utmost discretion, so I value that trust and that means a lot to me.