Style File: Shopping in your own closet


Cape Cod Times
by Candace Hammond

We’ve all been there, that moment when we stand in our closet pawing through our clothes and utter those words, “I have nothing to wear!” We may feel that way, but rarely is it true. Read more >

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A Real Office Drama


Cape Cod Times
by Amanda Lehmert, Staff Writer

WOODS HOLE - Nicole Gabai is an affable cheerleader type. All perk and positive encouragement, the consultant came to the creatively disheveled office of the Woods Hole Film Festival ready to straighten up, clear out and most important - organize. Judy Laster, the film festival's executive director, needed another cup of coffee. Laster spends months prepping for a frenzied eight days every summer. The organization's office - a cramped spot above the Woods Hole Market on Water Street - was stuffed with festival merchandise, props, all manner of film production equipment and paper, paper, paper. Read more >
A Real Office Drama2024-01-22T13:51:38-05:00
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