Moving Organization

Feeling overwhelmed by moving?

Using my virtual organizing system, I can help make the moving process less stressful and more streamlined for you. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, I offer you a plan and personal guidance so we can work virtually.

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Moving a Home or Business

Using my unique virtual process, this relocation service is designed to make your moving experience run smoothly and seamlessly. I really do ‘partner’ with you to help streamline the whole move process.

Step by Step
I will help you prepare for your move with guidance and suggestions garnered from over 20 years of hands-on moving and organizing experience. Call or email me today to see if you are a candidate for the virtual moving process.

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Help moving packing a home

From this...

Organizing a home move

…to this!

Improve Your Life

If you just want a plan and some guidance, we can work virtually.

This package includes services such as:

  • Ordering supplies

  • Packing & unpacking

  • Managing movers and crew
  • Typed inventory of boxes
  • Boxes clearly numbered

  • Arranging for municipal pick-ups for bulk trash

  • Research & coordinate on-site meetings with antique dealers, interior designers or auction houses to sell your valuables

  • Coordinate all pick-ups for charitable donations

  • Evaluate new location for delivery of boxes and furniture

  • Plan the whole move for actual ‘move day’ including destination of all boxes room by room
  • Plan multi-phase moves due to construction or temporary relocation

(travel time assessed ½ hour outside of city/town)

“When I was moving from a large home in Vermont back to an apartment in New York City, there were so many moving parts, physical moving as well as many emotions…”

“…Working with Nicole and pre-thinking the move, pre-organizing, from measuring all furniture to designing layouts and flows of each room to structuring important areas like my office, closet and my kids “toy closet” allowed for such ease and fluidity. Then following up once we did “land” with all the final organizational touches made us feel “at home” and “at peace” right away. Nicole is methodical, insightful, intuitive and very warm and caring–I so appreciate her spirit. She had me think of so many things that were not at the forefront for me. I am grateful for her and all she provided at this very important time in my life and my family’s life.”
– D.S., Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, New York, NY

After working with Nicole, I now look for products to keep me organized and it’s fun! It’s so nice not to have to go to 17 places to look for something. I know right where everything is which saves me so much time and makes my whole life more productive. I’ve changed, really I have and it’s fun!

T.S.K., New York City
You helped us move from a 4,000 sq. foot home to a house ½ that size. You did a great job creating a move-plan that also helped my 4 children adjust to a new space. You helped us decide what to keep and you meticulously kept track of 90+ boxes. We could not have done this move without you! Thank you.
R.K., Miami Beach, FL
Diana and I have such gratitude to you for what you did for my father. He was very fond of you and thought of you as a friend….You were invaluable help in organizing his possessions for his move to Maine. He never would have made it here with out your help. Diana and I were very grateful that my dad was with us in the last months of his life….the work you did for my father was very professional and conscientious. Thanks again for all your help and hard work.
C.D., Client’s son, Portland, Maine

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