10 Ways to Make Moving Easier: Simplify the Moving Process


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By Andreea Draguleasa

In the hustle and bustle of moving day, organization and planning – and your own inventory list – come to the rescue. A case in point is when Nicole Gabai, CEO of B. Organized, assisted a client named Danielle with her transition from a large house in Vermont to a smaller apartment in New York.

“She hired a moving company to pack up her whole house, and we carefully instructed them to put in large print on the top of each box where it should go,” said Gabai. “This way, the heavy book boxes wouldn’t have to be dragged around from room to room, and since we had already decided where the bookcase would go, this was really helpful. We did something similar for every room in the apartment.” Read more on SpareFoot >

10 Ways to Make Moving Easier: Simplify the Moving Process2024-01-22T13:17:52-05:00
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