The 9 Best Vacuum Storage Bags of 2023


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By Nor’adila Hepburn

If you’re looking for a way to keep your belongings organized and protected from mildew, mold, odors, or dust while in storage, sealing them in a vacuum storage bag is one of the best ways to achieve this.

“Vacuum storage bags are great for keeping your things organized because you are compressing your belongings into a smaller space so you can free up valuable storage space in your home, luggage, or closet,” says Nicole Gabai, the founder of B. Organized, and the author of the bestseller The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life. “Typically, they come in four or five different sizes and can hold sweaters, blankets…or any other bulky fabrics. Read more on Real Simple >

The 9 Best Vacuum Storage Bags of 20232024-01-22T13:18:11-05:00
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