Nicole Gabai Puts Organizational Methods Into New Book


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By Joanne Briana-Gartner

Professional organizer and Falmouth resident Nicole Gabai has written a book based on the organizing methods she has developed over time. “The Art of Organizing: An Artful Guide to an Organized Life” is written in a clear voice and presents methods of organization that do not seem overwhelming.

An artist as well as a professional organizer, Ms. Gabai illustrated her book with colorful sketches of tidy closets, garages, filing systems and bookshelves. Even the book’s endpapers are uniquely designed using collage work by the author. Read full article >

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Anyone Can Become Organized With The Help Of A Good Coach


The Enterprise
by Laura M. Reckford

I have spent years trying to explain to friends and family that what looks like disorganization and chaos is actually a sign of creativity. I know where everything is. Really. So when I heard about Nicole Gabai of B. Organized, a professional organizer, I went through the equivalent of the five stages of grief. Read more >

Anyone Can Become Organized With The Help Of A Good Coach2024-01-22T13:21:46-05:00

Don’t Let Clutter Compound Your Move


Home and Garden Magazine
A publication of The Enterprise
by Jeannie Cafarelli

It had never occurred to me how much “stuff” a person could accumulate over a lifetime, until it hit home. At age 69, my mother found herself living alone in a large colonial homestead (a.k.a. “the homestead”) after my Dad passed away…I’m convinced that a trained professional is a logical choice when family emotions may get in the way. Read more >

Don’t Let Clutter Compound Your Move2024-01-22T13:22:07-05:00
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